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  • Sun, 14:39: RT @KODAKUMI_bot: 終わりはこちらで決めるわ 時計の針が4を指す頃 火遊びで終わらせられない コトに気付いてすがりつきなさい (KO-SO-KO-SO) #倖田來未
  • Sun, 15:16: RT @loveAngelAriel: When a pain is beyond a range of the imagination, people are... There is no more energy left to be able to cry or sh ...
  • Sun, 15:38: Hyv� uutinen ja ihmisell� paska muisti :D http://t.co/9ua6WvQ1
  • Sun, 16:24: RT @ItsPotterness: "The ones that love us, never really leave us" - Sirius Black
  • Sun, 16:25: Haha, newest Kuu thread title/banner is so awesome XD
  • Sun, 16:25: "Koda Kumi Sekai - 149th thread" says the title. <3
  • Sun, 16:26: "Her majesty, reigning queen of j-pop, welcomes you to Koda Kumi Sekai ~149th thread~" x3 Too epic <3
  • Sun, 16:59: RT @HungerJokes: It's alright, no need to reply. I was just texting you to exercise my fingers -.-
  • Sun, 16:59: RT @KevinGetem: Be careful who you tell your problems to, because 99% are happy you have them...
  • Sun, 17:02: Who to listen next? ;3 Ideas?
  • Sun, 17:50: #nowplaying Mariah Carey - Get Your Number
  • Sun, 18:20: Twitter likes to troll me around by saying "This tweet does not exist" when it surely does XD
  • Sun, 18:21: lol, I think I can't get to listen anything else today because MC's singles' remixes are too long lol xD
  • Sun, 18:22: MC = Mariah Carey in case you didn't know. :)
  • Sun, 18:50: 40 minutes left... -.-
  • Sun, 18:54: RT @CoolLikePoison: "Lady Gaga might have been influenced by Madonna but she is a creation on her own" - Robin Roberts.
  • Sun, 18:56: Hmm, I could take the trial version of Spotify Premium tho...
  • Sun, 18:57: Especially if I want to listen those Britney Spears singles too from Spotify... Hmmm...
  • Sun, 18:59: RT @ItsSarcasmBitch: Here's my cup of care. Oh look, it doesn't exist.
  • Sun, 19:12: RT @Boo997: ❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ No one likes me.



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